What Does Coolsculpting Do To Fat Cells?

coolsculpting kills fat cells

What is Coolsculpting Doing to My Fat Exactly?

Many people do not understand how coolsculpting works. In this article we break down the effects of coolsculpting on fat cells by explaining exactly what is happening.

Coolsculpting uses what is called “cold energy” This energy is focused on fat cells in an effort to permanently destroy them. The machine works by pulling an area of fat bulge into the device itself. Kind of like when you grab your belly with two hands and squeeze your belly bulge. Two cooling plates and a vacuum hold the bulge in place.

The plates are activated and set to a specific temperature where fat cells cannot live. The fat cells are “killed” while your nerves, skin, blood vessels etc are left unharmed.

What Happens To The Fat?

Fat on your body is held within the cells themselves. Almost as if your bodies cells are carrying around little suitcases of fat. During the procedure around 20% of the fat is killed and gets released into your body. Slowly the fat is absorbed and used as energy. After a couple weeks, the physical effects begin to be seen.

Your skin will feel tighter, smoother and thin to the touch. Coolsculpting really helps being with stubborn fat areas that cannot be lost with diet and exercise. Unlike liposuction, coolsculpting is non invasive and has a much shorter recovery period.

Are The Results Permanent?

Amazingly enough, yes. People typically do not grow new fat cells as an adult. The procedure, has actually killed some of your fat cells. Technically, these will always remain dead. Let’s say you have a 20% reduction in fat cells in a treated area. Those fat cells are gone permanently. It is still possible to gain the weight back, including in that same area again. But if you need to gain weight to get back to where you were before the procedure, you have still received the benefit of the procedure. Get it?

It is important to remember that this procedure is meant to destroy fat cells, it is not a solution to weight gain.

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