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Jenny, from Nashville TN

When I was thinking about doing coolsculpting I checked out all the evaluations I could find. So if you are reading this and considering please know this is a totally honest evaluation of my experience and if you have any questions please post a remark or email me and I promise I will respond as rapidly as I can (sorry my email was spammed to death, just leave a comment below!). So more evaluations I checked out the even more nervous I got about completing this treatment, there were lots of comments about extreme discomfort that lasted for weeks.

First of all this is a relatively expensive procedure(to me!), I paid $1500 for my lower abdomen which appeared in line with exactly what I had read. So aside from the pain and cost, there were individuals who said they saw no difference what so ever after having this done, Yikes! Well I decided to complete it anyway and this is how it went for me:

To start with let me state I’m 5’7 and I weigh 125 pounds so most people would most likely describe me as slim. Prior to having my 2 kids I confidently would expose my stomach at any given opportunity. I never had the extremely flat stomach but it was an excellent belly. After two kids I was left with a pooch that isn’t going anywhere without plastic surgery or deprivation. I exercise and I watch what I consume so I was a great prospect for this procedure. This is not for someone who is searching for huge weight loss. They say you can minimize the location you treat by 30 percent normally. So get your fat roll and photoshop it about a 3rd smaller size, it truly isn’t really a big difference in most cases.

When I entered, the first thing the doctor did was grab my lower belly to ensure I had adequate fat to be a great candidate. I had enough,( boy is that a fantastic sensation when somebody is telling you that indeed you absolutely have sufficient belly fat, NOT!) Then I undressed and was brought into a room with a nurse and the equipment which essentially freezes your fat. The registered nurse alerted me that the first part, where it sucks in your fat is the most scary and it might feel as though I cant breath however I will have the ability to,(thank god she informed me that since that is what exactly happened).

When I realized I might breath I was still quite uncomfortable She informed me once it froze which takes about four minutes, you really cant feel anything. She was right and although it is still a little bit uncomfortable it really had not been bad. Then you sit there and let the device do its thing for about an hour, you can check out or text or sleep. When you are done she comes in and takes the device off and your fat is essentially frozen like a brick and they massage it for about a minute,(I didn’t look due to the fact that I really didn’t wish to see that). That’s it then they send you on your way. That night the area felt very unusual, not painful, just weird like I had done something really foreign to my body,(which I had). This very weird sensation lasted about 2 weeks however lessoned every day. I NEVER EVER experienced pain from this treatment like many of the horror stories I read about. Yes I realized I had actually done something however absolutely nothing that called for more than an advil. That being said we are all various and many many individuals said they did have discomfort so I can only speak from my experience. So now to what is the most fundamental part, the outcomes.

First of all this is a slow-moving gradual thing and it takes up to 3 months to see the full results, don’t think you will go home and see a difference. Really I felt puffy and bloated for about 2 weeks after I had this done. Anyhow after three months which is what it has actually been for me I do see a distinction, nothing major however probably exactly what they state, about thirty percent. If you are looking for dramatic modification than this most likely isn’t really for you. For me it is a small distinction however that small modification truly makes me happy and YES I am pleased I did it and thinking about doing the love handles too. I hope I have actually helped someone decide and I would be happy to respond to any concerns if you upload one.



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Coolsculpting Reviews



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