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Coolsculpting On thighs

Becky's Coolsculpting Review A Brief Overview 

Coolsculpting also known as cryolipolysis is an innovative device owned by Zeltiq Aesthetics, Inc. This  innovative device is a medical device used to get rid of fat by destroying fat cells. It does this by using a  regulated and well aimed cooling procedure to eradicate fat cells beneath the skin. By freezing the cells of  subcutaneous fat, fat cells are killed without harm to the skin.

When it comes to weight lose procedures, coolsculpting is a more natural option as it does not involve the use of sonic waves, laser, knives, suction hoses or needles. During coolsculpting, the fat cells are crystallized by the cooling effect causing them to die off naturally.

The Zeltiq trademarked device used for Coolsculpting was approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a non-surgical device for selective reduction of fat in 2010. It is a welcome development for people with stubborn fat issues. Over the years, coolsculpting procedures have gained popularity especially among people who have issues with stubborn fat and want to get rid of it without going under the knife. I was one of these people.

 My Story 

For several years, the sight of my bulging skin and ugly bumps caused by my fat was a source of major heartache. I was doing everything right from eating healthy and exercising regularly, but the stubborn fat remained. At different points in my life I have tried creams promising to get rid of bumps on the skin, I tried spa sessions that promised a change in my condition, all to no avail.

This search for a permanent solution to my stubborn fat areas was not just costing money but also draining me emotionally. I got to a point where I even started considering surgery, but the thought of all the negative parts of surgery scared me to death. One day, I heard about coolsculpting from a friend but I had given up on everything, thinking that surgery was really the only answer.


Coolsculpting Results

My friend kept telling me that it seemed like a worthwhile investment but I was very skeptical about a procedure that claimed to “freeze” away the fat. Sounds ridiculous right? My view on coolsculpting was drastically changed when my friend finally had her own procedure, like me she had problems of bumpy skin on here innr thighs and stomach as a result of fat deposits. In a few months, her skin was smoothed out and the bulge in her stomach was completely gone. Then I got very interested.


 Before I Committed to Coolsculpting

Before I had my first coolsculpting session, I researched all I could. I found out a lot of interesting details about the procedure, one being that it was there was almost no down time after the procedure an of course, it was non surgical. Coolsculpting offered me a chance at getting rid of stubborn fat without having to go through endless injections or being cut open while lying unconscious.

There wasn’t going to be any down time after my procedure either. Also there is no form of scary lasers involved and above all I was NOT going to have a single scar on my body afterwards! This was what actually sealed the deal for me. Weeks later, I called to book an appointment.

 The Consultations 

I had two consultations before the actual procedure. During my consultation, I was told that I would undergo about 4-5 procedures; one on my stomach, two on my waist (love handles) and two on my inner thighs. The first step in my cool sculpting was being marked by physician in the areas that required treatment. The next step was my skin being covered using a gel pad to protect the area of skin for treatment.

After that my physician used an applicator to gently, draw excess skin in between the two cooling panels. After that I felt pretty much numb as I had been informed. My physician did not use even the smallest of needles at all during my procedure. After the procedure, I still went about my daily activities; I drove myself to work, did my shopping and every other daily activity.

The only very temporary side effects I had included redness around the area I had been treated, very minor bruising, swelling, numbness and cramping that was only obvious when I bent over or when my car hit a bump. Recovery from this temporary side effect happened between two days to one week. I took a some advil throughout the first week, to help with some of the discomfort.

My ResultsBeckys Coolsculpting Results

Over the next two months, there was a gradual but noticeable reduction in the bumps all over my stomach and inner thighs as the fat was being flush out from my body as my doctor had said it would. She had also told me that on average, there is about 20% reduction in fat layer. After about four months I would call it more like 90% reduction because the bumps and stubborn fat had once terrorized my skin were no longer visible. I could not believe it!  I can confidently stand in front of the mirror without feeling depressed or hating my body.

 Is Coolsculpting Right For You?

For as much as coolsculpting did for me,  there is one warning I would like to put out there. Coolsculpting, will not help you lose weight. Coolsculpting is for removing excess fat layers under the skin and in no way affects the blood fat or any other internal organ. So if you are looking to lose weight using coolsulpting, you should have a serious discussion with yourself about what your goals are.

Coolsculpting really does work. It is proven way of getting rid of that annoying bulge without going under the knife or giving up your active life for weeks at a time. Coolsculpting procedures usually cost between $800 -$3000. Now if you are thinking of going through this procedure, it is important to seek out a doctor or dermatologist that has specialized training on the safe and effective use of the coolsculpting device.


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Questions and Answers About CoolScupting

Getting rid of the excess fat on our bodies is one of the number one problems for both women and men. For many people, no matter how hard they exercise or no matter how close they stick to a healthy diet, excess fat remains in parts of the body, such as the abdomen or the thighs. In the 21st-century, one of the hottest ways to remove this unwanted fat is a medical procedure called cryolipolysis, also known under the name CoolSculpting.

Coolsculpting vs. Liposuction – Which Is Best?

You could be trying to outfit yourself each day with tunics, tummy tightening tanks, Spanx and jackets to help you camouflage some of the small bulges that you are tired of seeing in the mirror. However, when the clothing is no longer able to hide these fleshy areas that are stubbornly holding on despite all of your efforts, the idea of liposuction can be a lot more appealing. However, you also have the non-invasive nature of Coolsculpting for the same result. So, how can you tell which will be best for you?

The short answer here is that both of these procedures can be very effective for anyone who is a great candidate. You should know, however, that one option may be much better than the other depending on your needs and individual situation.