Coolsculpting Results for Inner Thighs

Why The Inner Thigh is So StubbornCoolsculpting Thighs

Losing fat and cellulite on the inner thigh area can be difficult to do. For many women, it is an area of the body that seems to love holding onto fat no matter what you do. The truth is, your body doesn’t hold or like holding more fat on your inner thighs the anywhere else on your body. The real issue is the difficulty of getting a proper workout to that area of your body. In fact, without proper machines, it is nearly impossible to workout that particular area.

When dieting and exercising properly, your body will begin to show improvements in other areas first. Typically, area’s where major muscle groups are worked. This gives the impression that the inner thigh area is “stubborn” or difficult to lose weight in. However, as mentioned above, it isn’t. Your most likely just not concentrating on that exact area like you may be your butt or stomach. Coolsculpting is often used in the inner thigh area to give people the extra boost they need. Not only is coolsculpting extremely effective in this area, it works quickly to.

Coolsculpting Reviews for Inner Thighs- Before and After


Martha, Age 42 from Nebraska

Coolsculpting Thigh Results


As you can see from the picture above, Martha had amazing results. In fact, this picture was taken just 13 weeks after her procedure. Typically, results do not show their full effect for 18-20 weeks. You can see a visible reduction in the size of her inner thighs as well as an overall reductions in thigh size.

Sandy, Age 52 from Maryland

before and after thighs

In this example, the coolsculpting procedure was not limited to only the inner thighs, the entire thigh received treatment. You can see the absolutely amazing results here. These pictures were taken 18 weeks apart. These before and after photos are a great basis to judge your decision for treatment. What we mean by that is if your thighs suffer from either of the conditions in the pictures above, (ex. 1- bulge/thickness and ex2-excess skin and cellulite) then you would make a great candidate for a coolsculpting procedure and could expect similar results. In these pictures you can literally see how coolsculpting kills fat cells and the vast improvements in appearance.


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